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About Us

Bette Corsan intends to set up a centre in Malta, when there is a clear way to obtain residency. Currently, she is offering retreats in British Columbia in Canada, Ubud, Bali, Gambia, Senegaland Costa Rica.

She has completed a Full Initiation and Rites of Passage with the Missoko in Gabon. She is trained to work with Iboga in the Bwiti Traditional way, while utilising the western medical protocols.  The tradition is oral, and has been passed down through many, many generations, and embraces a deep understanding of life. It is not a magic bullet, but with the guidance of someone who is traditionally trained to serve the medicine, the aim is to re-connect a person with their soul. The soul can easily become disconnected with unresolved trauma at some point in any person’s life. In the modern and traditional understanding of illness and addiction, the root cause is unresolved trauma. Once the person makes that connection, they can heal themselves. They learn to use Bwiti tools to maintain that connection and live a happy and purposeful life.


Bette currently offers both individual and group sessions. These vary in length and cost. She is currently offering group sessions at Mountain Waters Retreats in Nelson, B.C. on a regular basis. The next retreat is set for April 10-13 and April 14-17, 2020.There are two group sessions being offered in Ubud, Bali for 6 days, in late April, early May, 2020. The dates will be available soon.. This will be for small groups of 5 - 6 people. There is also a session being offered in Gambia (Dec. 15-21) and Senegal (Jan. 10-16),2020. The dates are yet to be confirmed, but we will keep you posted. There will also be some sessions offered in Costa Rica Mar. 12 - 18,2020. If you would like to make a booking with her, please use the Contact page. The ceremonies in Bali and Gambia, with be co-hosted with her friend, who is an amazing and much loved Bwiti healer from Norway.

To learn more about Bette's individual treatment services, please check her old website at www.ibogaarttherapy.ca

If you would like to know more, please contact us here

Bette is experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional. She loves her work and offers a comforting environment, making every effort to accommodate your diet with healthy and organic options specific to what you like and are able to eat. Hope to see you soon!                                                             

Retreat Opportunities in Canada

                Bwiti Initiations and Training Opportunities

 Do you have a passion for Iboga and healing work? If you've  never eaten the root, the first thing to discover is your connection    with Iboga. In shamanic work, you must learn to use your  intuition and visions to assist with the healing.  Intuition is the voice of the soul, but many people are  disconnected and don't know much about how to treat your own soul. 

Please contact Bette if you are interested in this field of endeavour.

Come and join us in Africa, homeland of the Tabernanthe Iboga.


 I am grateful to say I am in an incredible place in myself. My life since I returned home from the Iboga retreat,has been expansive, abundant and incredibly aligned with my purpose.  I have been very focused on my Self and my sovereign path. I have made conscious choices on a daily basis towards joy and peace, which has helped my energy and my emotional states tremendously. My nervous system feels reset and relaxed. I have had the space in myself to go really deep to the core of my emotions when I have felt scared or triggered instead of feeling overwhelmed by anger. It has opened up this really beautiful space for self-containment and healing that I wasn't able to reach before our ceremony. I often feel amazed by my resilience and my ability to transmute old habits, thoughts and energy.  I continue to attract a multitude of opportunities to create financial abundance - the most important facilitating sound healing and mentoring others on their path of awakening. My voice feels like I received an incredible re-calibration. I asked the medicine to activate the full capacity of my gifts and they continue to expand.  I seem to be calling in the teachers, elders and mentors that will help me most at this time of personal alchemy :). The friendships and connections I have been attracting and nurturing have also been really aligned with my greater vision and I feel a new sense of Tribe.  I am so happy. I feel fulfilled and grateful every day - sometimes so much that I am really emotional about it. I feel immensely connected to Mother Earth, to my guides, to my ancestors,  to the angels around me. I speak my gratitude to the Bwiti guides and teachers often. I know they continue to work with me and guide me.   You were right when you asked me to trust and to wait and see how this medicine would be working through me for the coming months. I feel it every day. I acknowledge it every moment I witness it.  I am so grateful to you for being a profound instrument in my healing and expansion. I hope I can see you again soon :)          Wailana, Arizona

I can still see and notice the long lasting effects iboga has had.. I  havent felt anxious or depressed (except on 2 ocassions where I was  wayyyy tooo stimulated for over socializing).. I havent sought elation  much either and for the first time in a long time, I havent felt the  need to reach out and talk to friends, BE happiness for people,  overshare, or seek novelty constantly. I haven't felt the sadness in a  month Either. (Although it could be because I havent had many deep long  meditations yet and usually thats when emotions surface for me). The  self care routines have been much easier and effortless.. I looked in  the mirror a few times and noticed that I felt beautiful.. I always  thought it, but never felt it. My anxiety around my health is  dissipating too. I don't worry about half the symptoms I had while  thinking "im done for, its just downhill from here". . the pain was gone  for 3 weeks, and though it is better on IT band, the rest IS very much  present.. it doesnt agitate me like it used to though and I actualy know  and feel that it will disappear after I've learned all the necessary  lessons.. i feel patient and open to the process.. I used feel like I  was dragging myself through each day just praying it would improve, and  now im excited everyday to plug away at all those important tasks  [including stillnesss and doing absolutely nothing but being present]  that will heal me. there's still a lot of work to do, but it feels so  doable.. its a fascinating inspiring thing, this plant medicine.. I knew  I had a lot of subconcious stuff I need to purge but I couldn't fathom  that it all was so interconnected and what exactly I had to let go of. I  know a lot is left to purge, but whats been rid of has helped me see and  notice changes in myself that I didnt even know had to shift.. I can  still feel -sense- be that "innate nature" girl inside (the one that is  "one with the earth" and still beyond still, "soul") whenever I close my  eyes.. it peaks its head every time my body impulsively wants to over  work, overshare, etc, and reminds me where center is.            Irina, British Columbia

Bette instilled in me the confidence that she knew what she was doing. When complicated issues (entities and demons) arose, she handled it skilfully. She heard me; she attended to me. She made healing possible. Highly recommended!           L. Vancouver, BC

The Iboga keeps on giving. As my sleep has improved my cortisol levels are changing and I actually feel thinner - not that that is a goal but it is more like - I feel like this is more my body….is it subtle and clearer and I feel there is a clearing of Body shame. I felt sexy and beautiful yesterday. YAY!                                      R., CBP, health consultant

I wanted to experience Iboga to help me clear behavioural patters and artificial concepts/belief system in my brain that were installed in me without my conscious awareness. After Iboga experience- overall I feel lighter in the sense that it feels a lot of mental toxicity was removed from my system. I feel calmer, more peaceful and more harmonious. As a long time spiritual student/teacher I was able to truly experience ( in the sense that it is not longer a belief in a concept but an actual knowing and experience)- third eye. During my experience I was guided by a male voice which was explaining to me in a very calm and loving manner the meaning of what I see in my third eye and how it relates to a deeper Truth vs my personal life. The art therapy was an important component- because it provided me with deep insight into my inner world and as thus after careful reflection on it- I was able to understand the deeper meaning and a construction of reality from my inner world- how it is all woven together. During my time with Bette- I felt completely worry free, very safe and cared for. Any of the questions arising in my head- was immediately answered by Bette- without me actually verbalizing it. When I needed reassurance during the experience- Bette provided exactly that. I could not even imagine anything being executed with more grace then I experienced under Bette's guidance and care. Overall it was one of lifetime experiences that I m grateful for from the depth of my heart. Thank you so much,                         Julia RN

" I just cannot thank you enough for the life I have since the Iboga experience you so professionally, compassionately and expertly guided me through. My damaged eye from boxing is healed. My prostate is MUCH better. The damage I suffered from child hood abuse, football concussions, Hockey concussions and 27 years of boxing are ALL GONE. I feel as if I am a new man. Those traumatic, drama inducing, diminished health experiences, are literally OUT OF ME. I feel enthusiastic about my every day and every moment in my life again as if I am the 9 year old we went back to during the treatment. I am ME again!! I could go on and on and on about the subtle differences as well like no more procrastinating, no more, lack of self esteem, self confidence, I am full steam ahead in life and I have not been this full of life and excited to be living since I was the 9 year old we visited in my treatment.  --                                                                                                           Donny Lalonde (retired World Boxing Champion and current owner of Lalonde Boxing)